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Posted by TV World Parts and Repairs on 19th Apr 2021

Welcome to our TV Parts shop!

Hello we are TV World Parts and Repairs a TV repair shop located here in Fresno, CA. we have been repairing TVs for more than 20 years and have experience in various types of TVs. Not only are we experienced in repairing TVs, but we also make sure to provide quality TV Parts in our online shop.

Our TV Parts
Majority of our TV parts are salvaged from broken screen TVs with minimal usage. We have a process in place when testing our TV Parts. We check for voltages, and turn on the TV to see or hear the start up sounds. We have a variety of TV Parts such as Main Boards, T-Cons Boards, LED Driver Boards, LED Strips Boards and Power Supply Boards. We have various models for TVs feel free to email us at and inquire about other TV Parts we have in stock. Stay tune as we will be posting TV parts on a weekly basis.