Broken or Damaged Screen Repairable?

Broken or Damaged Screen Repairable?

Posted by TV World Parts and Repairs on 21st Aug 2021

Hello Everybody I get this question asked a lot. How much to repair a damaged screen? My kid threw a toy at the screen and now it is black on one side with lines. Can this be repaired? 

The truth is that TVs are not like the beasty Samsung Galaxy Z Fold  were you accidently dropped it and your screen gets cracked. You know that its going cost you to replace the screen on that beasty phone, but at least it will be cheaper than buying a whole new phone.

When it comes to TVs it doesn't work this way once a screen gets damaged there is no way it can be repaired or replaced. The truth is finding a replacement screen that will work with the model and version of your TV is unreal. Since they are various TVs out there from various brands Onn. RCA Hisense, TCL, Sony, Samsung, Vizio to name a few they all use various TV Parts so it makes it hard for these TVs parts/screens to be interchangeable with each other.

TV manufactures do not sell replacement screens as they rather focus on making or producing screens for their new product line of TVs. So when your TV get accidently damage you are better off replacing it with a newer TV then seeking to repair the screen. 

If your TV did not receive any physical damage, but it decided to not turn on anymore or not display an image on the screen but you hear the sound then your TV is definitely worth trying to get it repaired. 

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